Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Close-to-complete Ideology and Religion ShitList

1. Taoism: Shit happens.

2. Buddhism: If shit happens, it isn’t really shit.

3. Catholicism: If shit happens, you deserve it.

4. Protestantism: Let shit happen to someone else.

5. Judaism: Why does this shit always happen to us?

6. Seventh Day Adventism: No shit shall happen on Saturday.

7. Creationism: God made all shit.

8. Unitarianism: Come! Let us reason together about this shit.

9. Quakers: Let us not fight over this shit.

10. Darwinism: This shit was once food.

11. Capitalism: That’s MY shit.

12. Communism: It’s everybody’s shit.

13. Commercialism: Let’s package this shit.

14. Existentialism: Shit doesn’t happen; shit IS.

15. Existentialism #2: What is shit, anyway?

16. Stoicism: This shit is good for me.

17. Hedonism: There is nothing like a good shit happening!

18. Atheism: What shit?

19. Nihilism: No shit.

20. Capitalism: When shit happens, it’ll cost you!

21. Environmentalism: Shit happens, but it’s biodegradable.

22. Voodoo: Shit doesn’t just happen : somebody dumped it on you.

23. Kama sutra: F**k this shit.

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