Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lesson: say and write

Cow boy limousine

Philemon - joke

Philemon had a bad attendance record with the company he worked for,
particularly being late for work in the morning. He was called to a
disciplinary hearing where he was given a chance to explain his reasons.

His argument: "I get up in the morning. I shower ,I look
in the mirror and try to straiten my hair. Then I sumtimes miss de texi
and then I am late."

His boss has a bright idea. He gets one of Philemon's colleagues to
sneak into Philemon's rooms and steal the mirror off the wall, without
Philemon's knowledge.

The following day Philemon does not turn up for work. The same happens
the day after that. So Philemon gets summoned to another hearing to
explain his reasons for not attending work.

His argument: "I get up in de morning. I shower, I look in
de mirror. I see no Philemon. I think Philemom alredy left for work"

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hockey Fight

Diamagnetic Levitation

Example of diamagnetic levitation. This time the magnets are static, and it is the diamagnetic material which floats in the air!

Vending Machine Ads

How developers fix bugs!

Saturday, May 20, 2006



Athens Live: Mihai (Romania) reacts on Kate's elimination

Mihai Tr─âistariu reacts on Kate Ryan's elimination in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 semi final.

Lithuania - LT United - Eurovision 2006 - We Are The Winners

lt united just wanted to show that this contest is bullshit. and you can win it with a song not worth to call it a "song". they (lt united) said that they couldn't believe that this "song" could pass this semi- final ( i dont know how to call it), because the song is just a crap. (thanks to MeOrMy for comments)

"The Professional Rapper" (The TV Pilot)

Is John Reuben "The Hip-Hop Bob Dylan"? Do dreams come true?.........Yes, if you're a marketing genius. The world loves to watch an underdog claw his way to the top.

Justelite very HOT links - May 21

Paper Airplane - Flash Game
Weird Vehicles
Inside the Ferrari Factory
70,000 Beer Cans Found in Ogden Townhouse
Neo Versus Robocop
Violent Knitting Art
Woman forfeits friend for free tank of gas
Wife 'didn't realise husband was a woman'

Thank you for submit

Kill Crazy Frog - flash Game

Kill Crazy Frog

Powered by: Shock Arcade

Suburbanites rap


Friday, May 19, 2006

Brad Pit is Romanian!

We found Brad Pit in Romania. Take a look at this ID. He is Romanian...

Guys, pray for rain

Romanian gipsy on the beach

Romanian gipsy runs a lot of dirty business (prostitution, drugs, etc) in Romania or in other European countries (like Spain or Italy). They show their gold jewelry in every occasion. They think gold is power and they are very proud of that illusion.

If you see da' police...