Friday, May 19, 2006

Romanian gipsy on the beach

Romanian gipsy runs a lot of dirty business (prostitution, drugs, etc) in Romania or in other European countries (like Spain or Italy). They show their gold jewelry in every occasion. They think gold is power and they are very proud of that illusion.


Anonymous said...

ROMANIANS ARE NOT GYPSIES! So you see on your streets a lot of Gypsies
who left from Romania, but they are not ethnic Romanians.

The bad thing is that you should not blame all of us Romanians for the
gypsies acts. You have to make this difference, Romanians on one side,
and Gypsies on the other side. Please!

There is a difference between
these two ethnic groups, okay? Gypsies are originating from India and
they traveled in the history in all the Asia, arriving in Europe
finally. Their skin is dark, they are dirty, they have no civilisation
and most of their time they do crime.

Romanians on the other hand are white people, and as a nation they
were born when the Roman Emperor Trajan conquered Dacia in year 101,
ruled at that time by king Decebal. Romanians are those a latin
people, and their language is very similar to italian also. Follow
this link on wikipedia to learn more:

Anonymous said...

It seems that you grew up in the Communist Romania and you know about the Trajan and Decebal story, because that is only a nice story.

Regardless of the origin stories stereotyping is not a solution. The truth is that Gypsies have been ignored and abandoned in Romania, so they had to find a way of living. They are the product of the Romanian ignorance and by stereotyping you are not solving the larger issue, you just make it worse. Romanian politics and education system should be more inclusive and should focus on educating the outcast in the same way as it educates the average Romanian.

Anonymous said...

you can't educate them by force.
these gypsies are like parasites for us romanians too.
it is not my fault as a romanian that these gipsy are "hurting" other countries.

Anonymous said...

nah, romanian gipsies invaded europe cos they were told that its the paradise. romania just wanted to get off this problem. wankers. easier to send your gispies to barcelona, my lovely town, than to do something with them. hell, the government pays everything for them now, food, clothing, etc. cos we care. romania suck the blood of other countries, and tries to divert this problem on gipsies. shame on you. hell, traianus would cut the ball of romanians...