Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Very strange fish found on Tampa Bey beach

UPDATE: the fish is posted on eBay for 637USD

I was taking my usual walk down a local beach here in Tampa Florida when I came upon this very strange fish on the shoreline. There was a crowd of seagulls nearby but no matter how hungry they seemed to be they would not get near this sea monster. After making sure it was dead, I picked it up to further examine it. Nearby, a woman, who was the only other person on the beach this day, asked out loud if it was a dead shark. Clutching the strange sea creature in my hand, I walked towards her so she could have a better look at this freak of nature. As I got closer to her, she told me to stop. With a look of horror on her face, she quickly turned and left the area.
Afterwards I decided to take it home with me. I measured this cryptid creature at 20 inches long. I decided to list this weird & wonderfull fish on ebay to share it with the world. I guarantee that this creatures flesh, teeth, jaw and skull are REAL 100% once living, organic flesh and bones. Though mummified, this unknown species of fish has been cleaned and treated with taxidermy chemicals to preserve and reduce any fish odor to a mininum.


DJ said...

It sold on ebay for $637

just me said...

thank you bryan jao. Now I update my news :)