Saturday, March 18, 2006

There was a farmer that had four daughters.
One night he heard a knock at the door and found a young man standing there. The young man said,
"My name is Freddy.
I've come to pick up Betty.
We're going out for spaghetti.
I hope she's ready."
The farmer thought that this was cute so he let them go out.
Pretty soon there was another knock at the door and another young man was there. He said,
"My name is Vance.
I've come for Nance.
We're going to a dance.
Is she ready by chance?"
Again the farmer thought this was cute and let them go. S
oon another knock on the door with yet another young man standing there. He said,
"My name is Moe.
I'm here to get Flo.
We're going to a show.
Is she ready to go?"
Again the farmer was amused and let them go.
Again there was a knock on the door and a young man was standing there. He began,
"My name is Chuck."
The farmer shot him...


Anonymous said...

What word? really I'm not getting it ....:P jk

Anonymous said...

Names of th guys, girls they asked for & finally wht they'd do 2gether r similar sounding. So, Chuck would resemble f**k.